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Celtic Worksongs


They’re not strictly worksongs, but they’re helping me get through some writing work I have to do at odd hours.

Julie Fowlis: My Love is On The High Seas

This song’s gorgeous, alongside the sweet & idealised musical scenario framed by the video. The lyrics too are remarkable, and if you don’t speak Scottish gaelic, read the translation to the end to get a sense of the moving  lyrical turnaround  she talks about  in the intro: the subject of the song becomes the singer: reminds me of a certain Waterboys tune I can only find dreadful slideshows of on Youtube.

Steve Cooney: Fairy Mounds

I don’t know how I came across this but it’s lovely. He’s Australian, though a longtime resident of Ireland.

The Gloaming: Sailor’s Bonnett

This is kind of a supergroup & the sounds very (too?) clean, but it’s great. Vocalist Iarla Ó Lionáird doesn’t feature in this one.

The May Morning Dew:…

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Since 2001, Niagara Celtic has hosted an annual Celtic Festival in Western New York to honor the history and heritage of everyone with Irish, Scottish and Welsh history, along with the other Celtic Nations. Our presence has expanded online to become a year-round way to connect with the worldwide Celtic Community.


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