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Secrets Of Celtic Symbols and Ancient Astrology Revealed

Arthurian Romances

I found this on IrishCentral.com and thought you all would enjoy it!

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The mysterious symbols on ancient Irish tombs have captivated people’s imaginations for hundreds of years. Although no definitive answer has been reached on what they mean, people have put forth some intriguing theories of what they all mean.

The symbols decorate various prehistoric tombs such as Newgrange in Co. Meath. The large stone at the entrance of Newgrange is covered in symbols and there is a plethora of them inside, especially in the small chamber to the right of the main room.

Archaeologists are unsure what the symbols mean. Part of the uncertainty lies in the mystery of what Newgrange and other structures like it were intended to be. There is debate whether Newgrange served as site for religious ceremonies or as a final resting place for the community’s…

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