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Aye, my trip to Scotland was a real belter.

cheers and souvenirs

belter (ˈbɛltə)

1. an event, person, quality, etc, that is admirable, outstanding, or thrilling: a real belter of a match.


So back in the first week of April, the UC study abroad program organized a trip for the 100 or so of us UC students who were studying at the University of Leeds or the University of Bristol.  We had a 3-day trip to Scotland, starting in Edinburgh then traveling by bus along the western side of the country then up to the northern city of Inverness and back down the eastern side.  It was like an all-in-one Scottish culture/history lesson in 3 days – tiring but AWESOME.  As our bus drove through the infamous Scottish highlands, our tour guide mentioned the movie Braveheart A LOT.  I have never seen this movie, but I’ve heard that the Scottish stereotypes of kilts and clans (and apparently Mel…

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Since 2001, Niagara Celtic has hosted an annual Celtic Festival in Western New York to honor the history and heritage of everyone with Irish, Scottish and Welsh history, along with the other Celtic Nations. Our presence has expanded online to become a year-round way to connect with the worldwide Celtic Community.


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