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Iron Age Village, Great Bernera, Outer Hebrides — Scots Roots

A great storm in the winter of 1993 uncovered substantial stonework amongst the sand dunes on the beach at Bostadh on Great Bernera in the Outer Hebrides. The site was excavated in 1996 to reveal a Norse settlement but further digging brought to light an earlier Iron Age village dating from around 500 – 800AD. […] … Continue reading

Galicia & Surrounding Areas: A Brief, Celtic-Focused History

Galacia (Galiza) is in northwest Spain, and descends from one of the first tribes of Celtic heritage in Europe. Beyond the sun and surf of the Spanish coast lie the same mysterious menhirs that dot the Irish countryside, and the region has its own collection of Celtic traditions that continue today – from ancient “pallozas” … Continue reading

Six or Seven: How Many Celtic Nations Are There?

The established six Celtic Nations are Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Mann, Brittany, Scotland and Wales. However for centuries Celts spread beyond Northern Europe, with many countries today claiming some Celtic influence. Yet only one place truly considers themselves ‘one’ with their Celtic heritage: Galicia, Spain. It’s an area heavily influenced by Celtic culture, particularly the … Continue reading

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