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The Irish Celtic Goddess Morrigan In Ukraine On Saint Andrew’s Day — Dracul Van Helsing

The Irish Celtic Goddess Morrigan In Ukraine On Saint Andrew’s Day The Irish Celtic Goddess Morrigan awaited war War between Russia and Ukraine The Celtic goddess of War stood there Alongside Ares the Greek god of war And Thor the Norse god of thunder They stood in the woods not far from Voronkiv the village […] … Continue reading

Burns Night

from liquoricetree January 25th marks the celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns Born in Ayrshire in 1759, Robert Burns’ work has inspired generation after generation. On January 25th Scots all around the world come together on the anniversary of his birth to honour his memory and celebrate his work. A traditional Burns night consists of … Continue reading

Here are 8 things you may not know about King Arthur!

Source: Here are 8 things you may not know about King Arthur!

A Tour of the British Isles in Accents

Here’s a simplistic yet interesting way to hear a few different dialects and the regions they come from:

Morgan Le Faye, Queen of ‘Gore’

Originally posted on Arthurian Romances:
Morgan Le Fay, Queen of ‘Gore’ (Born c.AD 473) (Welsh: Morgan; Latin: Morganna; English: Morgan) The much maligned Morgan Le Fay was, to a large extent, the invention of medieval romance writers such as Sir Thomas Malory. In his “Le Morte D’Arthur” Malory tells us that Morgan was one of…

A Wee Bit of Irish – “Now and In Time To Be” – W.B. Yeats

Waxing Poetic in Wales

Originally posted on Travelrific® Travel Journal:
By Linda Tancs Welshman Dylan Thomas is best known for his poetry although he also wrote scripts for radio broadcasts, radio plays, short stories, films and an unfinished novel.  Wales is undergoing a yearlong celebration of the centenary of his birth.  The son of Swansea wrote many of his major…

Could the two of my favorite women in Celtic Mythology be related or one in the same?

Originally posted on Arthurian Romances:
As an Arthurian scholar and enthusiast, I love Morgan Le Faye. She has a very sensual and powerful je ne sais quoi. On the other hand, I also like the Morrighan in Irish mythology. These two women share so many characteristics could they be one in the same? I did…

Ireland in the Lore of the Ancients

Originally posted on Arthurian Romances:
IRELAND IN THE LORE OF THE ANCIENTS SCOTIA (A name transferred to Alba about ten centuries after Christ) was one of the earliest names of Ireland – so named, it was said, from Scota, the daughter of Pharaoh, one of the ancient female ancestors of the Milesians – and the…

Irish Celtic Mythology

Originally posted on Arthurian Romances:
? THE TUATHA DE DANANN Such a great people were the De Danann, and so uncommonly skilled in the few arts of the time, that they dazzled even their conquerors and successors, the Milesians, into regarding them as mighty magicians. Later generations of the Milesians to whom were handed down…

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