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Staying After Sunset

What is a Ceilidh? As the sun sets on Saturday, attractions and events all over the grounds wind down for the day. But the festival is still roaring on! A Ceilidh is a Gaelic social gathering complete with music and dancing. Back when the festival first started, volunteers agreed such an event would be a … Continue reading

Scottish Ancestry

Many people across the world are lucky enough to have ancestral ties to Scotland, but not everyone has uncovered their connection yet – why not delve into our history books and discover if you are in good company, joining millions of others with Scottish ancestry? If you already know you’re a proud Scot, you can always … Continue reading

Welcome to our NEW Blog!

Our Celtic Community was inspired by the deep and long history and heritage of the Celtic people. NiagaraCeltic.com has a large community of Celtic enthusiasts who love everything about the 7 (six) Celtic Nations, and we wanted a way to share this passion! Of course this could never be done by just one group of people in … Continue reading

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